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Committed to Providing Excellence

Synergy Property Management Solutions, Inc., based in Thunder Bay, Ontario offers property management services to condominiums, non-profits, facilities, commercial and residential rentals. If you’re not happy with your current management, let us design a solution for you!

What Synergy can offer you


Synergy’s management team offers over 70 years of combined experience in the property management field, plus additional years in affiliated professions. We have the skill-set and experience that sets us apart from others in the business. Our varied backgrounds have provided us each with a wealth of industry knowledge and connections. We know that experience is best when paired with education, and we each strive to keep abreast of new legislations, changes, industry shifts and educational pursuits.

High-Quality Tenants

We won’t settle for just anyone. Synergy is known for being thorough and tenacious with applicants. This not only serves you as the owner, it helps our tenants, too! They know they will be renting from a company and an owner that values integrity and quality. We work hard to keep our tenants happy – and that means they stay longer, which means you spend less money replacing tenants.

We Take Care of the Messy Stuff

Not every tenancy is perfect. When required, Synergy’s managers will take action with Landlord Tenant Board forms, notices, and applications for hearings. Certified in Tenancy Law, and accredited by authoritative bodies in Ontario, the Synergy managers will work to take control of the delinquent or damaging situation, use the laws and systems to the advantage of the landlord, and mitigate as much cost and risk as possible.

Using Technology to Save Costs

Synergy believes in using state-of-the-art property management software and technology to keep its management clean-cut and low-cost. We have invested in quality hardware and software and have implemented these advantages throughout our company’s management portfolio. Wherever possible, we are paper-free. We are able to access information and records quickly for reference and fact-checking. We believe that technology is not just the way the of the future – it’s the now.

Finance and Accounting

Synergy knows that the bottom line is all-important. We work with two bookkeepers as well as a chartered accountant to ensure that all funds are tracked and accounted for – down to the last cent. This includes vetting contractors, supervising projects and ensuring benchmarks are met, scrutinizing invoices as they arrive, and creating and nurturing relationships with vendors that can ensure we get top value and top priority.

Property Inspections

We believe in Boots on Ground. That means that a manager is present whenever needed – and many times in between! We insist upon regular inspections and strive to be at the property or building as much as possible. Whether you are a condominium or a single-family home, you’re important. We also offer inspections for building HVAC and MUA handling systems, building envelope and fire and life safety component inspections. We believe that the key to a healthy building is having regular maintenance checks – which in the long term, saves costs.

If you’re not happy with your current management…

…we can provide you a solution. We understand that sometimes things just aren’t working out. We’re available to offer you a change for the better. We are happy to work with your previous management to ensure that the switchover is as seamless and professional as possible. Let us show you just how capable we are!

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